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As the grade increases, the tool will slow down the speed of the track. When you do that, you will see a map and a table with all of your points. The problem, though, with GPX and TCX is that Strava has been truncating the names. GPX: Add friends to get their workout data on the dashboard, as well. Every little bit counts. Time: Every GPS file should have at least one stream: time. The concept is the same; I just change that time stamp instead. You can also time-shift an existing activity. I'm sure it's related to my gps device or gaps in the tracking but regardless of who's fault it is, it makes my moving time pretty useless for my tracking purposes. If you upload to Strava without distance, Strava will recalculate your distance for outdoor workouts. I'm working on translating those stats into a simple text-based list that can fit into your activity description. Well at least now I can toggle it back and forth to see the times compared if I need to. If your device is not listed, Contact Me and I will add it. This can happen with very long activities - especially when you have 1 second recording turned on. Learn how your comment data is processed. *WARNING*You should not check this box unless you really need it. That is not a problem if you have GPS points because Strava will just re-calculate the distance anyway. Smoothing ElevationThis field only applies when you interpolate your tracks. This auto-reduction setting will help you avoid the time-out frustration. The scale is from 0 to 5 where a score of 5 is "Highly Impacting" and a score of 0 is "Not Impacting." I created a 38 mile route and the estimated moving time was 3:49:22. Column Headers 2 seconds works if you have 1 second recording turned on and 10 seconds should be perfect for "smart recording". Problem 2 - Lack of compatability with "Rarely Used FIT file Fields": Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Android, How To Get Out Of Guided Access On iPhone. A user came to me with a problem: They had a stationary bike file that didn't record distance - but it did record laps. Note that Strava may NOT recognize your GPS type in TCX files (they no longer maintain the TCX database - and there are some errors in their database where the wrong GPS is identified). Replace your current location with Los Angeles > Save > Refresh Page. That calculation happens between each individual trackpoint. More details about issues with this selection. Your browser will remember your previous settings so you do not need to enter this every time. 1. These files will include Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Heart Rate, Power, and Cadence - but NOT Temperature. The most common use for this option is if you were using the Add Timestamp tool and the source track you were using did not have a high enough trackpoint density. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Of course this is kind of an annoying workaround since that activity now shows up as a race. Select whether you want to split it into two or three. Sometimes your heart rate monitor can record bad values. 5. Good word of warning though! When you upload or edit the activity in Strava, select the Run Type of "Race" instead of Run, Long Run, or Workout. In that case, you will have to re-select the time zone, or tell the tool to select the time zone for you. **If you embed an activity type in GPX or TCX and send to Strava, please know that Strava MAY NOT detect it correctly. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. into account or is it more generic? **If you donated via Paypal before December 18, 2020, please use the contact link and write me with the PayPal email address you used to donate so I can send you a code for full-access to early-release features. Browse to this utility. You can not change how strava shows you the data. But the 'moving time' is not the actual time taken to complete the activity. If you include a file that doesn't have distance embedded, the tool will reset the distance to zero. ZIP: If you need to reset the interpolation, please refresh the entire page. Using the Crop feature you can only edit or change the starting or endpoint of an activity. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. How to Speed Up macOS Big Sur Upgrade And Make It Run Faster: Check These 7 Tips! The second option is to Keep All Trackpoints. Terrible idea, going from running 15k per week to 21k in one go. If the tool detects that you're trying to export as a FIT file, AND your file has more than 30,000 points, it will automatically select to reduce the number of points in the export. Does anyone know what changed? They do an activity in real life and know their average heart rate for an activity from the heart rate monitor. Total time vs. Moving Time being sent to Strava,,,,,,,, Even the graph looks different. Power meters can sometimes spike and ruin your power curve. Download adb tool, then open Command Prompt and cd to the directory where adb.exe exists. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. San Francisco Bay Area. If you agree, in the future, you can just check this box (it will remain checked and saved in your cookies as a preference), and the file will go directly from our website to Strava's. Therefore, I added the option to modify the number of watts by a consistent value as opposed to a percentage. What is "Use Elevation in Calculating Speed?". Strava knows if an activity was indoors or outdoors based on the simple fact of whether or not it has a map. One of the best ways how to find good employees is through smart Linkedin research and targeting. Note that this only applies to TCX and FIT file export.Calories: Calorie export is available for TCX and FIT exports only. Strava is a great fitness tracking platform, however, sometimes due to human errors or technical glitches, it can record activities inaccurately. Last month I did a DH trail for the first time ever, felt great about it, and then I looked at the ranking and it was 701/705. Total Rainfall inches. I must have missed that. That works great - unless you do activities that start in different time zones. This file contains all the points from your merged files, and all of the points are in order by time stamp. Cannot Time ShiftIt looks like the original file did not have any time stamps in it, but you tried to do a time-shift. I just try to remember to glace at my realtime display before uploading to get a real idea for what i averaged on my app. We are migrating people to a more secure connection to Strava, so if you haven't used GOTOES tools since March 23, 2019, we recommend that you reset your connection and re-authorize GOTOES. If your FIT files are big, you may even crash your session. I just started cycling again, so hopefully it gets a bit more accurate. Each of these FIT files have different types of data, but this tool is only concerned with Activity Files. contact Stryd and ask them if they can export their files with the proper information. Inline Skating is "30". Total GritThe grit score estimates how challenging a route could be for a cyclist in terms of time spent going over sharp turns or large grade slopes. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Press J to jump to the feed. In order for this feature to work, you must select either "Calculate Distance" or "Use Existing Embedded Distance" in the "Embedding Distance" options above. You may need to try both options to get what you want. If you choose to stop the timer and resume later the elapsed time will still count until you resume, stop and save.Time is the total time while the timer is running (if you stop the timer it will stop counting). If you check this box, we will randomly move the time stamp back in time. Fortunately, if I send to Strava as a FIT file, I can embed the MFR ID and the Product ID as discussed above. Likewise, Distance, Calories, and Laps are only available in TCX exports. This should help you repair your GPS tracks so that they work better with Rouvy and other virtual ride apps. Sunrise. I strongly encourage you to check the 'Interpolate Track' checkbox for this merge. 4. Even some people in my feed will post two truncated activities with a title like "Garmin Fail!#$@%$!" And then I saw that my total time was 2-3 minutes longer than my moving time. Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner and choose "Export this day to KML" save the file called history-2017-01-28.kml We need to massage the KML fle to GPX format. This only applies to TCX and FIT because GPX does not support accumulated distance. In a GPX file, there is nowhere to store the total ascent; that is simply not part of the GPX specification. Does the estimate moving time take my past rides, average, power, etc. Swap your distance stream to remove any outlier points from the device recording and rely on the GPS data instead. 2. Click Here if you are still getting the donation nag screen (this will make it go away). If you uncheck the box, the tool will remember your preference in that browser. There are two basic types of activities that you can upload to Strava: Indoor and Outdoor workouts. Then, you have to add time, and distance from the top of the screen. A $10 PayPal donation or a monthly $3 Patreon subscription unlocks the features. A new file that looks like it has a zipper on it will appear in the same location, and you can upload that to my tool. For races, segments, and other competitive efforts, Time is the total time of the race or segment from start to finish, including paused time. Best Practices: How To Fix Option 2:Try exporting as GPX. Weather data for the anticipated time at locations around the route. The fitness tracker shows me elapsed time but when I import it to Strava then Strava shows moving time. I have written a Quick Tutorial to help you repair your corrupted GPS Tracks. As of November, 2020, Apple has broke the "Choose File" button for some people using Safari 14.0.1 browsers. If you export using the FIT format from my tool, the device name on Strava should look the same as if you uploaded it directly from the device itself; that is one of the advantages of exporting in the FIT format. **If there are not any distance streams in any of your files, this option will be grayed out. Here you tell the tool if the number you entered in the Desired Average Speed field is in Miles per hour or Kilometers per hour. If any of the FIT files you upload to the tool have information in these fields, these boxes will be pre-populated with the highest value from your files. (opens new window), I have an issue with my Stryd FileFiles from Garmin Devices with Connect IQ fields enabled seem to work well. As Sr. The tool uses position to calculate disance, so if there is no position (like an indoor workout), then it is impossible to calculate distance. On a Mac:Highlight all of the files that you want to upload (to highlight multiple files, use the shift key while selecting, or use the command key and click on individual files). In this case, you would type "-20" into the box and select the "Watts" option instead of "Percentage." Follow the below steps to crop activity on the website of Strava. We use the time stamps to put the files in order (the order in which they occurred). Thank you! Strava is used by millions of worldwide athletes to track and record their activities. All the way to the left, it averages 1 point, which technically is no averaging at all! Cheat Strava GPS moving can be done in just 2 steps. By default 'moving time' is shown in recorded activity in Strava App. If any of these are grayed out, it means your source files do not have either distance or position. A person using Strava did not want to buy a GPS tracker, and owns a "dumb" heart rate monitor. If you choose this option, make sure that you choose ONLY ONE distance stream in the table. 0:00 / 2:14 How to Edit Distance in Strava! But sadly, you cant do that. Please consider making a donation to help keep me motivated to continue making updates and to help pay for the server. Alternatively, if you select the "Watts" button instead of percent, it will add or subtract the number of watts you type into the box. If there is no position data (such as an indoor workout) it is not possible to calculate distance. Open the Strava app on your mobile and tap on the + (add) icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Strava moving time is a useless crap, it's even worse in slower activities like hiking. I decided that we could calculate the distances from the 2nd FIT file (the FulGaz File). This will generate a new modal where you can configure a new Fitness Activity. Strava has a special non-standard format that allows one to embed Heart Rate, Temperature, Power, and Cadence. 3. To insert new points, find the semi-transparent midpoint on the line you want to modify and drag it to a desired location. The box can accept other date / time formats, but the ones I have outlined are going to be the most reliable. Historically, I have implemented a 10 trackpoint smoothing for speed. Which Fields will be included?Here are the fields that I have inserted so far. If your indoor workout time is wrong, make sure you have selected the correct time zone here. Strava app: Tap the Record tab. By getting the word out that this tool exists, more people can repair their tracks and we can have cleaner, less cluttered Strava feeds. Select the pencil icon on the left-hand side. I will also need for you to tell me which Make and Model GPS you have. I have found that ~30,000 track points is a safe limit when uploading FIT files to Strava. If you get a 500 error with this feature enabled, try going up to the next highest value.Use Existing Embedded DistanceThe best choice for indoor workouts. For GPX files, the time stamp is not in the tags - it is in the tags. The FIT file is the only one that has the extra information to differentiate between the two. I know this is the running thread but does strava use total elapsed time or only moving time for cycling? If you leave the slider in the middle, it averages 10 GPS trackpoints. I have considered making an option so that if you do a time shift on multiple files, the tool will have each file begin at the time you specify - so they would lose their sequence. Clocks are set forward one hour to "spring forward" so we lose an hour. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pace for the activity. Because my tool is letting you have very granular control of your tracks, a longer page load time is necessary. If those two items don't affect you, please go with TCX. Other information, such as sport (they type of sport you did), or the file_id (tells which GPS model you used) can be more useful. In Strava, edit the activity and set "run type" to "race". I found that some platforms have trouble with "missing data." You can make choices about the distance stream down below. Note that you can override the values if you see fit. Please let me know if I got any of the codes wrong. I do not recommend using this tool to cheat. Speed SmoothingThis selection applies to your OUTPUT file. 1 More posts from the Strava community 278 Posted by 7 days ago **If you donated via Paypal before December 18, 2020, please use the contact link and write me with the PayPal email address you used to donate so I can send you a code for full-access to early-release features. Table Make a note of these passwords somewhere handy and move on to the next point. These Files contain every bit of data you can imagine tracking. From there, it will count backwards applying speed to every trackpoint. You may need to try both options to get the result you want. So yes, it updates over time but it can still be wildly off depending on the effort you put into your most recent rides. Also note that Strava may decide to calculate your total ascent based on the DEM. Show more 10 Strava Features You'll Wish You'd Known About Global Cycling Network 291K views 1 year.

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