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Apparently its good. y r the siblings dating- Lincoln: Gee Dad, I had no idea. ", "Tell me about it", Lincoln said, "I got attacked by some maniac forest people. Vanzilla drove away, leaving Lori and he others alone. (Lincoln started following his footprints back to the tent). Lori (nervous): L-Lincoln was a good ottoman? The noise stopped and they heard Luna coming out of the room. "Eww", Lola said, "I stepped in Lana poo!". 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It may not make sense. I went camping with him last week, and we had an awesome time. We start outside the Loud House, the siblings are watching tv with Rita and Lynn Sr. "Alright everyone", Lori said, "time for dessert. Unfortenatlly, there was nothing but silence in Vanzilla. Lincoln: Put them on the back of your head, we can fool him. ", "Hey guys", Lana said, "let's go swimming!". Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! They heard her searching for something. leniloud theloudhouse lisaloud +14 more # 2 Lincoln: Loud Ace Of Crime by Alex Debi 28.6K 358 53 He then opens his door all the way to see his mother looking worried. Chandler: So how about that restaurant where all the famous rich people go? But most of all, she just wanted to hear her mom say the words 'I'm proud of you'.. You know how Lola is when she is mad. Huh. A different twist to 'Brawl in the Family'. ", "Maybe we were a little demanding to him", Lori said, "we should apologize.". You're unique, in a very special way. Luna (mad): Save it missy! Loan wasn't sure exactly what drove her to seek out her Uncle. What started as an ordinary night leads to something more as the two rekindle their bond and face their true feelings. (The two chased after the Weasel, but the Weasel was faster than them, and they eventually found themselves lost in the woods). Lincoln: It sure did. Lincoln glared at the house and decided to walk away from the house. The Loud House follows 11-year-old Lincoln, and 10 sisters who each have unique personalities: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr. ,Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily. It was noticed by her father, that Luna had even few tears coming down from her eyes. Rape is a, very heavy word. Lincoln: Didn't you two say you would never give up your children, (The parents' guilt builds up) and did you know it is illegal. "Darn it", Lori said, "they took my phone! Lynn Sr.: Comics? They then got in their tents, which they eventually managed to get put up, and went to sleep. Or will they deny you? Lana struggled with getting Lily's diaper on. (shakes his head) Nah, comics are too fictional. Will they accept you? Lincoln: I learned it during art class. Lori was now starting to get mad at her sisters and stormed towards her, grabbing the bad, but Luna didnt let go. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th when Lincoln got kick out something appeard it is error Lincoln but something is wrong he is hurt when Lincoln got closer error told Lincoln something and Lincoln agreed. How to Prevent People from seeing your true face. When they arrived back home, Luna, Lynn, and Luan came out to greet them). Enjoy! "I'm sure he didn't mean it", Lynn Sr. said. "Let's check the cooler", Lana said, "dad said that in it is a first aid kit, some flashlights, and food.". Luna had her head up and she glared at their siblings and wanted to go upstairs, until Lola: Whats the matter sis? Lori reached in her pocket, but her phone wasn't there. Rita and Lynn Sr. were concerned about this situation. Luna decided to invite Lucy to come to her and Sam concert as a way for the two of them to bond with eachother and there dad. Luan: So Dad, I saw this show about beavers, and it was a "dam" good show! (Suddenly, they heard a roar coming fron the bushes). Lori rubbed the flint and steel together, and it created a campfire. Language: English. Luna just looked at Lori. Danna was rushed to Cristal Grey is a teen trying to get through tough times because of her drunk abusive father,she feels as if there is no reason for living,what happens when a certain some one saves her and befriends her and leads her to a new love and life? Luna (furious): Lincoln isnt in the mood right now and so am I. Lincoln, who was sitting in the back, all covered in cuts and bruises, turned to the audience. The next morning, Lori woke to a disgusting smell. Lori? Luna (angry): Grrr. I wonder if me and my Dad have anything in common. After years of abuse from his family Lincoln finally snapped and goes on a crime spree. "Okay", Lori said, "you take a graham cracker, put a piece of chocolate on it, then the marshmallow, and squish it all between another graham cracker.". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. What boy could want more? "In fact", Lola said, "we'll make it up to you.". The next day, Vanzilla pulled up at Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds, and the girls got out. Will Alex be able to save her? Lynn Sr.: Sorry son, racing games have never been my type. The ones who were got out of the van and ddnt went straight to the house, were Luna and Lincoln. They roasted the hot dogs over the fire and had them for dinner. Lucy. Loan is the incestuous daughter of Lori and Lincoln, she doesn't know it yet and believes that Bobby Jr. is her father, what will happen when she discovers her origins? Lincoln: Ahh, there's nothing better than reading comic books on a beautiful day like this. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Lori: LINCOLN!!!!!!!! Lynn Sr.: Hey Lincoln, can you get the radio out from the tent? As they went in the house, Lynn Sr. and Rita noticed that Lincoln was still in Vanzilla. Also if anyone has seen Liv and Maddie or Modern Family, Im gonna be adding those little interview/chat things where th Das antes de que el mundo cambiara para siempre al enterarse de la existencia de seres con caractersticas nicas, la mejor amiga de Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, se ve forzada a encontrarle un origen a la misteriosa maldicin que la persigue, as como descubrir los motivos que tiene una malvada organizaci (* ) (As Lincoln was walking down the footpath, he saw Liam and his Dad playing basketball at the park), (Liam and his Dad hugged each other. Lynn Sr.: You know son, I never knew you wanted to go camping. [Lincoln walks out of Lori and Leni's room knowing for absolute certain, that the former would be mad at him.] I really like the character so maybe I'll write my headcannon. Or at least, he would be if it wasnt for Annabelle. Rewritten! Anyway, Here is my new fanfic: Loud Redemption. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. (Suddenly, Lincoln hears Lynn Sr. screaming, as he runs to him). Chandler's Dad: Don't worry son, I have that place reserved for tonight. I mean, he has a lot of fun with you, Luna, and Luan. (Lynn lightly punched Lincoln's arm, then they went inside). (Lincoln tries to reach for his bag, and pulls out two 'puma' masks). After the events of Sound of Silence, Lincoln was angry at his sisters for pranking him and havent talked to them after the visit of the hospital. Now fourteen, she still has to brave the harsh and cruel ghetto nights in order to survive. Luna then walked upstairs, while other sisters slowly follow. He grounds his daughters indefinitely, bans their interests and hobbies, and threatens them with a belt if they protest his rules. Carmen Sandiego has tract a VILE operation in Michigan. When Clyde, Lincoln's only remaining friend betrayed the boy eventually, he decided to run away and leave everyt Y/N is a very kind and caring teenager to those he meets. Rita (mad): Well I dont blame Luna for being this angry at you. Would it be justified to feel jealous of her? Please consider turning it on! 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Now that he thought about it, his father hadn't even hung Lincoln's picture on the wall. (Lincoln frowned by this, then he walked downstairs). ", "Now we can't call for help", Lola said, "we're stuck in this stupid forest! It's like I'm always in their shadows! Hope things get better sooner. Lynn: Yeah! "Would you care for some more fruit punch, sir", Lisa asked. , . She was shaking in anger and looked at Lola with gritted teeth. ", "Now come on", Rita said, "let's get you girls home.". And wheres Lincoln? Go to your room. "What", Lana said, "but it's only 4:30 in the afternoon.". Lynn Sr. did a victory dance, and Rita just sighed, embarrassed. "Too bad Lincoln isn't here", Leni said, "he could pitch them for us.". Syngenesophobia Chapter 1: An Angry House, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction Syngenesophobia By: That Engineer A general term for the fear of relatives, which can include siblings. I want to take a breather from all of this. After he was done, he put it away). "Not exactly", Luan said, "I just found another use for this hide. Which made other sisters even more nervous. ' , g . The girls went outside and knocked on Vanzilla's door. Lucy: Sigh. (Based upon a movie) a girl named victoria moves to town with her family, eventually scream breaks into her house and kills her parents Did he rescue her? Loan es la hija incestuosa de Lori y Lincoln ella aun no lo sabe y cree que Bobby Jr. Es su padre, que pasara cuando descubra sus origenes?, me gusta mucho el personaje asi que quiz escribir mi headcannon. Pranking him and making him scared is one thing, but making him your ottoman? ", "Because if I go in that house, I know I'll be used as a servant", Lincoln said, "I only did all those things because I felt guilty about using them. ", "I'll admit, that was selfish of you using them", Rita said, "but you did make up for it. "Honestly, I can't think of a punishment for you ten", Rita said. Everyone was startled by Lucys sudden appearance. Hope you enjoy it :). My tenth fanfiction, a sequel to my least favorite season 1 episode In Tents Debate. What happens when the worst things possible tr Danna is twelve and absolutely adores sports. Lynn 'Victory' Loud III wrestled with these thoughts in her head. Luna smiled. Luan then saw an animal hide hanging off a bush. Lori and Luna were growling at each other with fury and they looked like they were about to kill each other. "That was the worst vacation ever", Lincoln said, "I should've just told them it was their fault.". "Do you like it", Luan said, "I call it the fur diaper.". tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Lori had a black eye on left, messed up hairs and bruises on her arms, legs and even her right cheek. User blog:AustinDR/Latest Story in the React Series, User blog:AustinDR/Lincoln Reacts to Puppy Monkey Baby, User blog:AustinDR/Lisa Browses deviantART, User blog:AustinDR/Luan Reacts to I Love My Brother, User blog:AustinDR/Luan's Problem (Part 2), User blog:AustinDR/Luan's Problem (Part 3), User blog:AustinDR/Lucy and Lynn React to the It Trailer, User blog:AustinDR/Lynn Browses deviantART (And Additional), User blog:AustinDR/Shattered Innocence (Part 2), User blog:AustinDR/The Kids React to Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Bloodlust, User blog:AustinDR/The Loud Kids React to "In a Heartbeat", User blog:AustinDR/The Loud Kids React to: Racist Mario, User blog:AustinDR/The Puppets Meet the Louds, User blog:AustinDR/There's a Man in the Woods, User blog:AustinDR/This is the Story of Lily, User blog:Austria-Man/A Loud House Fanfic: Heroine or not Heroine. It was a beautiful day at the Loud House, beautiful for everyone to get outside and have some fun. Afterwards, they went into their tents and went to sleep. The girls then turned around and saw Lynn Sr. and Rita staring at them. She has to deal with her abusive step-father and (later) runaway mother. When Reina's date doesn't go as planned, Bobby's dragged from his quiet night of model building and rushes to her aid. Lincoln opened up the door and saw the girls. Here we go again. You never want to spend time with me! The boy's name was Lincoln Loud, a tenth grade boy who's had some whacky adventures with his sisters and his friends, but notably his girlfriend Stella. ", "Neither", Lincoln said, "we're going to a water park out of town.". You shouldnt be scared to be against someone, especially when that someone is doing something wrong. YOU DO NOTHING BUT TREAT HIM LIKE TRASH AND SIT ON YOUR BED TEXTING YOUR BOYFRIEND! The Loud House's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive. Boys. Each having two older sisters to take care of a younger. "That was the best vacation ever", they said. Reposted from AFF, and based off of assembled greenposts done for TLVG, enjoy nine chapters (plus a bonus chapter!) Warning: bad language, and very disturbing. But everything changes on that fateful day when Y/N had first laid eyes on Leni Loud. Lincoln: Ahh, there's nothing better than reading comic books on a beautiful day like this. Then Lincoln saw Chandler talking to his Dad). Rita: He just needs to blow off some steam, that's all. marcy polly adventure +8 more # 10 the loud house:error lincoln by Charles Jacobo 21.4K 264 20 Lincoln Loud, a boy who was told he was back luck and it ended badly as he was kicked out by his family, hated and bullied by some of his classmates. As they drove away, Lori and the others looked at each other. You've never been proud of me! Clyde: I agree. Lincoln: Because pumas tend to attack from behind. Join Lincoln while he defend Lincoln Loud, A boy who is mistreated by his family and friends because his 'BAD LUCK' thanks to his sister Lynn jr who blamed him for loosing a baseball game (stupid ri During the events of NSL Lincoln decides to run away and takes a bus to NewTech city. Luna froze and small tears came down her cheeks. Lincoln: Hey Dad, I got this really cool racing game yesterday! comisin para DanielCaas1.romp mi juramento de no escribir de los "sin kids" solo por esta vez. He saw allot of anger in the boys eyes and didnt want to make eye contact with his sisters. Enjoy! Chapter 3, a living nightmare. I am proud that you wanted to go against Lolas plan, but why didnt you? Lynn: Of course bro! She might be six, but her attitude even scare ghosts and ghouls away. You just gotta get into the camping lifestyle! A collection of short stories, one-shots, and ficlets in a multitude of genres, centered around the next generation of Louds.

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